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    Default Nova Scotia to the Okanagan

    Scheduled to drive west in December!
    Is the best route via the USA? I thought Boston- I 90 to Spokane and then 395. If not suggestions please
    I do not have winter tires> Will I need them in the mountains?
    Away for a while so may not respond promptly

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    I never drove on the Trans-can further than Ontario, but I tend to think that it would be faster via the US since some parts of the trans-can are only one lane. So if I were you I'd use I-95 through ME and then follow I-90 all the way to WA.

    Main interstates should be relatively ok in the winter, but I do recommend you buy some winter tires, they're really essential if you go cross-country. Even if you're not driving through mountains, you could hit some severe snow storms and when the snow begins to pile up on the road and the wind begins to blow, you'll be glad you have bought those tires, trust me!:-)

    Happy planning!


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info. it all helps

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