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    Default Road Trip from Boston to Utah.

    Moving from Boston to Utah with my girlfriend and we were looking for some of the good sights to see along the way. Any suggestions would be great, thanks alot!

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    Anything in particular that you're interested in, or a certain city you'll be planning on staying in along the way?

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, US-40 through Colorado is an amazing road. Breathtaking at every bend, hill, dip, and whatever. Route 40 will take you to near Rabbit Ears Pass, through Steamboat Springs, across the Continental Divide a couple of times, and Dinosaur, Co where Dinosaur National Monument is.

    There are a lot of routes through Colorado that are this way, though, so basically take your pick :)

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    Nothing really peticular we wanted to see, but will I have to worry about snow on route 40? we are leaving mid october and i dont want to get stuck anywhere.

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