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    Default Suggestions for my trip from San Diego to Upstate NY..

    Up in the wee hours of the night gathering info on my trip next month..but still no def plans. I am traveling from SD to Upstate NY by myself and aside from what Mapquest has planned for me, I was intersted in seeing some nice scenic paths. I have never drove, only flew so I want to take this chance and make it worth my while. I am bringing my camera w/ 1gb of memory so I hope to get some nice pics on the way. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appricate it very much.

    I am hoping to travel through Utah, and CO on my way back to NYS.. If anyone one knows of some nice scenic rides through these states that would be great.
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  2. Default Utah/Colorado

    Here's how I would route the Utah and Colorado portions of the trip:

    Starting from Las vegas (just for reference), go up I-15 to Utah SR9 and into Zion National Park. (Buy an annual National Parks Pass at the Entrance Station, you're going to need it).

    Follow SR9 east out of Zion to US89, take 89 north to SR12, and that east into Bryce Canyon Natl Park. After Bryce, continue east on SR12 to Kodachrome Basin State Park (take more pictures there), and then continue on SR12 through Grand Staircase-Escalante Natl Monument, then over Boulder Mountain to Torrey. At Torrey, take SR24 east to Capital Reef National Park.

    Follow SR24 to I-70, I-70 east to US191, that south to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. After Canyonlands, you have two choices; you can continue south to Monument Valley and Four Corners, or you can skip that part and go straight into Colorado on SR46 from La Sal Junction. I'd NOT skip Monument Valley if you have the time.

    If you take my suggestion and visit Monument Valley (take the Navajo-led tour if you can), continue on to Kayenta, AZ and from Kayenta follow US160 into Cortez (CO) and see Mesa Verde National Park, then US160 on to Durango.

    From Durango, take US550 north to US50, (making the side trip to Black Canyon National Park if you can), US50 to SR92 near Sapinero, and 92 north to SR133, and 133 and SR82 to Glenwood Springs. Pick up I-70 at Glenwood Springs so you do not miss this magnificent highway's most scenic stretch, between Glenwood Springs and Denver. I would check locally to ensure that the mountain routes (the secondary highways) in Colorado are open --and you can also check ahead of your trip by using our road conditions section (click this link).

    This serpentine route (Hurricane to Denver) is a minimum of 1236 miles of driving and will take 26 hours of driving time alone (according to MS Streets and Trips) -- and that estimate is optimistic in my opinion, I would allow at least 10 additional hours just for the driving. Stops and visits to the various attractions will add that much more time. Worth it? Absolutely. If I could plan the perfect trip through South Utah and Colorado for sightseeing and photographs, this is by no means complete, but it's a great start and includes much of the best. Bob

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    Default See the West, but....

    I think Bob has given you some good suggestions for the Utah and Colorado Portion of your trip. However, it is at this point that many transcontinental journeys become very predictable (IMHO) and go something like "Take I-70 through St. Louis to Columbus, pick up I-71 to Cleveland and then finish up on I-90 into upstate NY." Boring. If you can spare the time (an extra day or two) there are much better routes between Denver and your destination that let you see some of the best of the East as well.

    Here's one such route. From Denver, take I-70 to Salina, KS. Stop at some of the high plains museums along the way (Goodland, Colby, Hays) to stretch your legs and clear your head. Take I-135 down to Witchita and then strike out southeast on US-400, KS-99 and US-166. These are relatively scenic two lane roads that start out on the plains but will be taking you to the Ozarks. After a short stint on I-44 east out of Joplin, strike out southeast again, cross country on MO-37, MO-86, AR-221, US-62, US-65 and US-64 with Memphis as your goal.

    Enjoy Memphis, and then continue eastward through Tennessee on I-40. Take a short detour to the Great Smoky Mountains and Asheville, NC where you can connect with the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive to northern Virginia. From here there are any number of scenic routes up through Pennsylvania and into upstate New York, including I-99, US-15 or I-81, depending on your final destination.

    By sticking more to the mountains at this time of year, you'll get some good fall color as well. There are any number of parks, attractions and diversions along the basic route I've laid out. If this kind of route appeals to you, and you have the 5-7 days (+) that it would take after Denver, I'll be happy to suggest specific stops that might mesh with your interests.


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    Default Point well taken

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck
    I think Bob has given you some good suggestions for the Utah and Colorado Portion of your trip. However, it is at this point that many transcontinental journeys become very predictable (IMHO) and go something like "Take I-70 through St. Louis to Columbus, pick up I-71 to Cleveland and then finish up on I-90 into upstate NY." Boring.
    AZbuck, Point well taken. Those of us who live in the west tend to wax euphoric about the eastern slope westward and discount too much of the middle parts of the USA. Point is, I have always enjoyed the plains states and the central Ohio valley, but we haven't done (on this board) a good job of featuring that area of the country. So, good job.


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    Default Good tips

    All have given you good tips & route suggestions. If you have I.D. (birth certificate) with you, you'll want to slip across the border at NIAGARA FALLS to see the area from the Canadian side.

    Enjoy the trip!

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