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    Default Moving from Boston to San Francisco in December

    Hi. I'm planning to move back to San Francisco from Boston at the end of December. Wondering if anyone had any advice for which route to take. I know I can take I-90 and then I-80, but I'm worried about the winter weather going through the Sierras. I'll be driving a '98 Toyota Camry, and I don't have snow tires. Would going across the South be better? Which highways should I take if I were to go across the South? I will be driving with my brother and plan to leave on 12/20 and make it back by Christmas. Do you think this will be doable going the southern route? Thanks!

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    If you go Boston-Hartford-Akron-Columbus-Indianapolis-St. Louis-Tulsa-Oklahoma City-Amarillo-Albuquerque-Flagstaff-Bakersfield-San Francisco, you'll be traveling about 3315 miles. Over 6 days, if you wanted to include Christmas as one of your driving days, that's an average of 553 miles/day. It's do-able but you won't have tons of time for sight-seeing and exploring.

    You could also take the I-10 which is even farther south but that would add quite a few more miles. I'm not sure it would be worth it.

  3. Default I-90/i-80

    Personally, I would plan for the I-90 & I-80 direct route, and decide at the last minute whether I had to deviate for any weather. Chances are excellent the direct route will be open -- if it isn't, then I'd deviate only to the extent necessary to get through. We ain't 'fraid of no stinkin' snow. :) Bob

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