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    First off, sorry if this is the most appropriate spot in the forums to ask these questions.

    My girlfriend is a Japanese native. She currently has an up to date Japanese driver's license. She also mentioned something that is available called an international driver's license from Japan.

    I need for her to be able to drive when she gets here. When she was here as a student the dmv in Bowling Green, KY said she was alright if she had an affidavit of translation for her to go with her Japanese license. This was when she here on a student visa however. When she comes in November she will be coming strictly as a visitor, 90 days, etc. Will her old affidavit of translation still work if she is only a visitor?

    Secondly, how does insurance work? My family has comp and collision, and liability on our current cars but of course I need to know for sure if that insurance will cover someone driving on a foreign license. Do we need a seperate insurance policy just for her?

    So far I've asked the dmv in Morehead City, NC and AAA in Wilmington, NC and got conflicting information from both. I'm not sure where to even begin my search on the truth of these matters since dmv people aren't known for their helpfulness.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Default Sources of information

    The first two places I'd check for good information would be the Japanese Consulate (for the driver license and affidavit questions; if they don't have the answers they'll surely know whom to ask) and YOUR insurance company for that end of it. They will know what they will cover and what they won't, better than any other entity. I believe that she will need the international driver license for insurance purposes. Good luck! Bob

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