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    swainsam Guest

    Default New Hampshire - California, via Florida

    Hi All, I'm really hoping someone can help, I'm trying to plan a roadtrip incorporating some specific places but am finding it really hard!! I want to go for two - three months in 2007 and want to include all these destinations without long period of driving between destinations. 5-6 hr stints maximum!!

    New Hampshire
    New York
    Washington DC
    Florida (orlando)
    Louisiana (New Orleans)
    Tennessee (Memphis)
    Arizona (grand canyon)
    California (San francisco, LA, San Diego)
    Nevada (Las vegas)

    Can anyone give me any idea's on how to even start planning this roadtrip.

  2. Default No problem!

    Start planning with a visit to our section on RoadTrip planning! You can use an online trip planner (or software program), or you can start with paper maps and a calculator. Either way, you can find information about these products using this link. There are several online free road trip planning programs. Click here for our recommendations of the best ones to use.

    Don't sweat it -- this is not rocket science. Just think about the basics (route, vehicle, fuel, lodging and spending loot) and you're on your way!

    Check out these articles too (Making time and Cheap Road trips), and the original Art of the Road Trip by Megan, for some ideas about RoadTrip style.

    You don't have to plan every little detail (although some folks do) -- even if you forget something or make a mistake, it's usually not a disaster and to save the day only means a trip to the local Wal Mart wherever you're at.

    Any questions? (You'll have more, so be sure to come back and ask!) Bob
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    You could start by gathering information on the places you'd like to visit (order travel packages from each state tourism agency over the net, AAA Guidebooks and maps, doing research on Google and within this forum. Then take a map and a bright marker, mark every spot you want to visit and draw a line between them. You can figure out what's the best route and calculate the total mileage by going to or There is also a fuel calculator on this site to help you calculate the cost of such a trip.

    Then you should be able to tell if this trip is reasonnable/doable. But believe me, this trip is totally doable in 2 or 3 months and you'll have plenty of time to fool around, which is great. Plus, you'll have the possibility to take scenic routes and back roads instead of interstates. I had to cover approx. the same distance but in 3 weeks and I managed to do it, but I don't recommend it:o) Sheesh! I would've loved to have at least a full month! Don't forget to order a TripTik from AAA if you're a member. If you plan on staying at hotels/motels, pick up directories at your favourite motel chains or order them over the net, it's practical to have some on the road sometimes. Be sure you have travel insurance if necessary, if you take medication that you have enough with you, bring a first aid kit, a cell phone with a charger, food and water, a good atlas or road maps, sun screen (for left arm:-), road tunes, make photocopies of important documents and put them in various places, etc., etc.

    If you search threads on this forum a bit, you'll find many good tips on how to plan a road trip and a lot of great infos on your planned destinations.

    Good luck!


  4. Default And...

    Be sure to check out the similar threads feature at the bottom of this page to find more great tips, routes, etc! Bob

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    swainsam Guest


    Hi All

    I think i've planned my route (i've been at it for hours) but without boring you with the in's and outs, I want to ask for a couple more bits of advice...

    Does anyone know of any MUST SEE's when travelling down the east coast and along the botton of the USA? Eg Events, Festivals, Places, unique hotels/restaurant etc

    Also can anyone recommend the best time of year to do my three month road trip, weather wise? Eg I don't want to be in Florida in hurricane season!

    Thanks for everyones help it is massively appreciated!!

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    swainsam Guest

    Default Advice? Unique experiances/hotels


    Can anyone give me some unique/different things to do whilst on my road trip. I want to do something typically american to every state I visit especially related to that particular state eg Gamble in Vegas, stay in a ranch in Texas!!

    Does anyone have any cool ideas, locations, experiances or unique hotels.

    I don't want to stay in just a boring motel in every destination I want fun!!

    One my travels I will be visiting every state on the east coast and every state in southern USA.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

    If it helps (i don't want to bore you but) i'm travelling through

    New Hampshire
    Massachusetts, Salem
    New York
    New Jersey
    Washington DC
    N Carolina
    S Carolina
    Tennessee, Memphis
    Louisiana, New Orleans
    New Mexico
    Nevada, Las Vegas
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  7. Default Arizona?

    If you're coming to Arizona, I'd suggest a float trip on the Salt River near Phoenix. In the summertime, we Phoenicians head out to "Salt River Recreation," rent an inner (tyre) tube, and float several miles of the Salt River. They have a shuttle bus that carries you back to the starting point for another go. Obviously, this is a summer only activity. It's a great way to cool off!

    If you like to fish, Arizona has some great trout streams in the White Mountains -- you might stay in the town of Greer (near Springerville) and see if you can land a native Apache Trout, or a Brown! Bob

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    Default Florida

    In Florida you could stay at Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo( )

    If you ever come north of the border to the province of Quebec, try the ice hotel near Quebec City ( )

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    Default New York

    Well, the standard for NY would be New York City or Niagara Falls, and both are worth seeing (although be sure to check the Canadian side of the Falls as well) but I would spend some time driving through the Adirondacks. Depending on which way you are entering the state, you could do all 3. From NYC take 87 North to Lake George, Route 9 to Route 28, to 30 at Blue Mountain Lake, to 3 at Tupper Lake. If you take 3 all the way to Lake Ontario, you can follow the Seaway Trail which will take you to Niagara Falls. If you are entering from the West, just reverse the route. Even if you are just crossing the state, get off the Thruway (I 90) and follow US 20. Slower, but lots of interesting stops along the way.

  10. Default Ghost Towns in the Mojave

    While your in the AZ/CA/NV vicinity, you might want to take in a ghost town. Oatman or Calico shouldn't be too far out of your way. Oatman is still a working town with an interesting history. Calico is a little more theme-parkish but has more to see and do.

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