We are scheduled to start a two month road trip in mid-Sep 2005, starting and finishing in N. Virginia.
Although we are from the UK, we are not road trip novices as we have already undertaken a number of US road trips in the past - and loved every minute of them.

We are planning to travel from Virginia to the West Coast and back.

We have identified a number of possible routes:

E to W - the Northern route as described in the "Insight Guide" or alternatively join US 2 asap and take that west.

W to E - either US 50 as described in "Road Trip USA" , or alternatively Route 66 then US 50.

We like to get away to quiet, scenic and open spaces, and usually stay in local small town Motels.

Question is: which of these routes is recommended, or are there others??

And is 2 months long enough.

All tips would be very welcome