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That would be the least of your problems -- I can just about guarantee that if you are stopped and clocked at 120 mph you will find yourself being a guest of the Federal/state penal system. They will lock you up and then kick you out of the country.
And you would likely be banned from ever visiting the US again as well.

I only have a week...but I want to see everything! Maybe me and my friend could drive through the night (sleeping alternately) and that would allow us to see more?
What would you see at night? It's dark! You won't see "everything" if you are sleeping in the passenger seat while someone else is driving. YOu won't see "everything" because it will be dark.

Between the speed you want to drive, the lack of sleep you plan on doing this on, and other disregards for safety, I just ask you one favor: please post your route and the dates you will be doing this so we can warn our friends to stay off the roads while you're here. Seriously. I'm a bit of a speed demon myself, but this is crazy!