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    Default Roadtrip PA (weird PA)

    My best friend and I just graduated college and start our new jobs the last week of September. For our last week before real adulthood sets in we are planning on doing a 5ish day roadtrip in Pennsylvania. I'm using the basis of our voyage off of the book Weird PA, going to historical oddities, haunted houses, strange roadside attractions and such. We're both city boys from Philadelphia but have spent a lot of time camping and going on 'drive for 24 hours and see where it takes us' trips. I'm starting research mode for it now but was wondering if anyone has done an only-pa trek. With student-loan laden bills we will be budget tight, probably just sleeping in my compact SUV at night. I'll post more information on sights and itenerary when it comes along but was looking for anyone that has done a similar excursion.

  2. Default Gettysburg?

    Maybe you've been there already, but my first thought when someone says PA is Gettysburg. Also, Valley Forge and the Amish country. Bob

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