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    Default Reno, NV to Klamath Falls, OR

    Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone help me figure out the best route from Reno, NV to Klamath Falls, OR? I know to take US 395 North to Susanville, CA but beyond that, I have heard conflicting reports about which route is best to take. I've also heard that the turn-off for K Falls, near Susanville, is not well-marked and this concerns me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    If you've never driven it, I'd continue west on 89 through Lassen National Forest. It's a beautiful drive with views of Mt. Hood, scenic overlooks detailing where previous lava flows came down into the valleys, and gorgeous forests. You would meet up with I-5 at Mt. Shasta, go north on I-5 just a short ways to Weed (about 10 miles) then head toward Klamath Falls on 97 which takes you through the Shasta National Forest and Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge. This is a beauty of a drive. About 300 miles.

    If you take 139 North at Susanville, you will be saving about 45 miles. While I don't think this route is quite as pretty, there's still lots to see: the Modoc National Forest and the awesome Lava Beds National Monument (this is especially worth seeing with fields of lava beds, some extinct volcanoes, cinder cones, craters, etc.).

    I don't recall the turn onto 139 North being hard to find. It's a right-hand turn on a downtown street and I remember the signage being clear. However, just in case it's not, just look for Ash St.

    Both drives are very cool. If this is a roundtrip, I'd take one route there and the other route home.

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