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    Default backroads trip through the Smokies, etc

    When my wife's part-time job ends in late Sept/early Oct we have discussed a trip to the southeast, esp. the Smokies from northeast Illinois. We love the back roads, small towns, deep forest, wind-y twist-y roads, streams, lots of nature, and light hiking.

    Does anyone have any sources for routes to keep us out of the big towns and touristy areas? We've ordered book and maps from AAA but they won't be here for a week or so.

    MANY thanks!


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    In the Appalachian region, there is no shortage of windy and twisty roads. And the idea of "big town" in that area is what I would consider "small village", but that's all relative, I suppose.

    I may be in that area real soon now - if I get a chance I'll check out some roads that interest me. In the meantime, decide how much touristy-type stuff you want to avoid. The Smokies are, after all, one of the most visted places in the country.

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    Thanks! I haven't been to that area in over 40 years so there's little memory of what the area is like. It just hit me that a trip through that area might be really enjoyable. We like to travel in late Sept./early Oct. as the weather is nice and in Michigan's U.P. there's good color. Going south that time of year will be new. We need/want a quiet, relaxing trip and wish to stay away from the touristy towns/attractions as much as possible while still seeing great scenery and not being forced to pull off the road at designated "Kodak stops" if you know what I mean. Hard to explain, it's kind of a state of mind. :)

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