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    Default Memphis to New Orleans

    Hi Everyone. I am just wondering whether there would be much to see on a drive down from Memphis to New Orleans? We would have about three days to do it in, and would really like to experience some great scenery, but also get a feel for the deep south and the american way of life there (if that makes sense!) We would be coming from the UK in December, so maybe not the most ideal time for driving.

    I understand there is a trail called the natchez trace which goes in that general direction I believe, which someone mentioned (I haven't been able to invest in a road atlas yet to take a more detailed look!) But just want to get a feel for whether it would be a worthwhile drive, or whether we should instead fly directly into new orleans and just spend more time there.

    Thanks for your help


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    Rather than try to direct you to another thread, let me quote my previous advice to someone else in similar circumstances:

    The trip from NO to Memphis can be as short as 7 hours, but you'd be shortchanging yourself. There's a lot to see and do between those two cities. Some suggested alternatives to just zooming up I-55 would be:

    Cross Lake Pontchatrain on the causeway, 29 miles over open water!

    Head on up to Natchez via US-61 for a peak at delta life and then some terrific plantation homes.

    Continue to Vicksburg, tour the battlefield and museum(s) and get a taste for what war with modern weapons and outdated tactics can do.

    Cross over to Jackson and pick up the Natchez Trace Parkway, as sweet and laid back a road as you'll find anywhere. Stop at some of the interpretive sites along the way.

    Continue on up to Tupelo. If you're going to Graceland, why not see where it all started?

    Take US-78 into Memphis - and don't forget Beale Street and Mud Island.

    Also, a bit of American history - The Natchez Trace was developed in the days before steamboats plied the Mississippi. Farmers from the Ohio River valley would ship their produce down river to New Orleans on flatboats which, being unpowered, could not make the trip back upriver. The boats would be broken down in New Orleans and the lumber sold for construction, The boatmen would then travel overland up the Natchez Trace back up to Ohio. Today the Natchez Trace Parkway is a two lane controlled access highway with some of the wayside inns restored as historical interpretive centers. It is a very pleasant drive and I highly recommend it.


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    Thanks AZBuck! That's helped a great deal. Time to draw up the itinerary...

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