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    Default roadtrip through cali

    I'm planning a little roadtrip from LA, to San Francisco, and then back through Yosemite park, San Diego and LA again. I'm trying to find cheap lodging or hotels around Yosemite Park, but no luck so far. Could I just drive up there and maybe find some cheap motel in a city nearby? All suggestions welcome..


    Huub Reijnders

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    It's been some years since I've been to Yosemite and I camped (no surprise to regulars here!) so I have no specific suggestions. But I can give you hints on how to find cheap lodging.
    * Check out the websites for the lower-priced chains like Motel 6, Super 8, Days Inn, Budget Inn, Econolodge, and any others that you know of to see if they have hotels in the vicinity. If they do, they offer online reservations.
    * You can also check out sites that cater to those seeking inexpensive lodgings. Just Google "cheap hotels" and/or "cheap lodging" for tons of websites with this information.
    * If you are a AAA member, check out their website for their hotel recommendations.
    * And you could also simply call the Chamber of Commerice and/or Visitor Center in the vicinity to see what suggestions they can give you.

    Hope this information helps you find something!

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