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    Default Day trips from Indiana


    I will be visiting from the UK to stay with friends for a couple of weeks in September, not far from Terre Haute. I have been to the area before and seen a little of the nearby scenery (Bloomington/French Lick/Vincennes) and was wondering if anyone had some ideas for day trips or overnighters that we could do.

    My hosts will be working some of the time and taking me around on their days off, so nothing too adventurous, though it is possible we'll have 2/3 days available for something a bit further afield.

    As far as destinations go I am pretty open to anything - especially the kind of Americana and oddities that we don't get in the UK!

    Any suggestions greatfully received.

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    Default History

    If you're interested in American History, particulalry the civil war era, you would only be about 3 hours from The Abraham Lincoln Library/Museum in Springfield, IL. I just went through it a couple weeks ago and I was very impressed, lots of Lincoln artifacts as well as a few interactive exhibits that are pretty neat and very tastefully done. Its reasonably priced and is certainly something you wouldn't find in the UK.

    You'll also be pretty close to St. Louis. There's plenty of things to do there as well. You could go up in the arch, take a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River, or stop at the old farmers market not too far from downtown.

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    Default I asked a similar question earlier this summer

    Look at my profile and find a thread entitled "Indianapolis, Indiana". I received a lot of good advice under that thread for things to do in the Indianapolis area.


  4. Default Thinking alike

    Midwesterner and I have the same ideas, I think. Those were the first two that popped into my head (once you said you'd already seen Brown County, anyway). In St Louis, be sure to include the Gateway Arch and check out some of the museums. I think they have some quirky, neat museums in that area.

    Other ideas could be a drive through the hills of southern Indiana & Kentucky, or a run north to the Great Lakes country in Michigan -- maybe see the eastern shore of Lake Michigan up through Holland and Traverse City, that area. Bob

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to all of you who have replied so quickly - much appreciated. I will certainly forward these ideas on as my hosts will have a much better understanding of what is acheivable and accessible than I do! St.Louis looks like a good idea and am already thinking seriously about that.

    Any other ideas still very much greatfully accepted....

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