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    Hey everyone - my friends and I are roadtripping from the Toronto area to New Orleans for VoodooFest in October. The route and everything is in the process of being planned but we're planning a straight trip there, basically going Detroit - Cincinnati - Nashville - Birmingham - New Orleans.

    My reason for posting is because we're looking for some 'interesting' places to see on the way there and on the way back - we don't have a lot of time to kill but if there's any interesting or 'worth-seeing' roadside attractions, please share them!


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    There's a ton of interesting stuff to see along that route, but is it of interest to you and your friends? How much time are you willing to spend to see what? How far off your direct route are you able to wander?

    A starter list of major sites along the way would include:
    The National Museum of the US Air Force
    Mammoth Cave National Park
    The Grand Ole Opry

    If you can go a little bit farther afield, consider either The Great River Road or The Natchez Trace Parkway for a more relaxing journey through Mississippi, or smaller attractions such as Elvis' Birthplace in Tupelo.

    The point is the list is long - what, if any, of the above appeals to you?


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