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    Default Old Shep is Still On-Duty

    In our travels we have learned about a number of dogs that were adopted by their communities and whose very lives managed to transform their doggie-ness. One of those was Thornburgh who is the only dog in history to have had a military funeral and is buried with honors at Ft. Bridger, Wyoming. On the wall near the flagpole at the Hoover Dam is a plaque dedicated to the only four-legged inspector who was give carte blance access to the dam site during the construction phase. On my recent Montana trip, I learned about "Old Shep." It seems that Old Shep's human companion died in 1937 in Fort Benton, Montana and was placed on a train for burial back east. Old Shep was left behind and every day for five years he waited at the terminal on the north side of town and checked each arriving train for his friend. The local community adopted him and a newspaper story about this faithful dog resulted in so much fan mail that the local station master had to hire a secretay to answer the letters. He slipped on an icy track one day and was killed by a train. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people and his grave and memorial are still tended.

    The bronze statue above, was erected by the Great Northern Railroad on the banks of the Missouri River.

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