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    Default Looking for cheese and wine tasting in Tillamook area

    I'm looking for wine and/or cheese tasting in the Tillamook area. Our wine tasting group is planning to take a bus up to the Tillamook area where we have a place on the beach. We seem to find lots of winerys in WA but Im not having as much luck in Oregon. I know they have some! Any suggestions or ideas?

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    I'm no wine expert, but most Oregon wineries are located in the Willamette Valley stretching from Portland to about Eugene along I-5. This link to "Willamette Valley Wineries" will give you some info on them. There are lots of them in that area...but not on the coast.

    Besides the Tillamook Cheese Factory (a fun stop!), the only winerie/cheese tasting place that I know of in that area is the Blue Heron.

    Maybe the Tillamook area Chamber of Commerce or visitor center can help you out?

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