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    Default Knoxville, TN to San Francisco, CA -- best routes?

    Any suggestions? Headed out for a wedding. Want to take in some of the sights of the Great American West. Would start on Monday, 8/5. Have to be in wine country Thursday early afternoon, 8/8.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default A fun trip!

    Quote Originally Posted by cjmorris
    Any suggestions? Headed out for a wedding. Want to take in some of the sights of the Great American West. Would start on Monday, 8/5. Have to be in wine country Thursday early afternoon, 8/8.
    Mostly you need to make tracks, since by the shortest possible route, the distance will still be at least 2500 miles. You should stick to Interstates wherever possible and plan to drive at least 10 hours every day. That being said, you are in for a great roadtrip.

    I would take I-40 to Nashville and then diagonal up to St. Louis on I-24 and stop and see the Arch! Take the time to see the movie in the visitor's center and maybe even go up to the top. It moves a bit in the wind -- kind of an e-ticket experience!

    There are hundreds of posts on this forum about traveling on I-70 and I suggest you read a few (use the search) but a couple of fun things to do as you go. First, of course you will be traveling through the famous Tornado Alley so keep your eyes peeled for thunderstorms and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you pick up a hand-held CB with weather stations and a magnetic mount CB so you can keep abreast of the weather changes.

    When you get to Limon, Colorado (and if you still have time...) take US-24 southwest to Colorado Springs and then stay on US-24 as you begin your approach over the Colorado Rockies -- the first pass, (on consequence) is Wilkerson at 9502 feet and you can the stay on US-24 and follow it up to I-70 again (at Vail). If you had more time I would suggest dropping down to US-50 and going to Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP or even drive some of the famous Million Dollar Highway.

    But, by now you will, probably, be short on time so continue west on I-70 and stop at Grand Junction -- for a real treat -- try some mead at the Rocky Mountain Meadery in Palisade -- before jumping back on the freeway headed west.

    If you have time, drop south on UT-state route 128 and take the scenic drive into Arches National Park. Very, very cool. Return on US-191 to I-70.

    If you are hungry by the time you reach Green Junction, Utah -- there is restaurant on the eastern shore of the river (where the main road crosses the bridge) that is very scenic and food is good.

    Continue on I-70 (stop at all of the viewpoints -- truly awesome) keep you eyes peeled for sunbathing mountain lions as you drive. We have seen them.

    Gorgeous desert country awaits you on US-50 across Nevada or you can divert to the north and follow I-80 to California and the wine country. When you reach the wine country, we think this book is really great for exploring those places only known to locals.


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    Awesome! Thanks.
    10 hours a day a bit daunting, but I can do it. Now you have me a bit concerned about tornadoes. Didn't even think of that. Thanks for the heads up.

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