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    Default West Palm Beach, FL to Phoenix

    Best route to take? Any shortcuts? I would love anyone's help in planning this doozy of a trip. Thank you so much.
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    I take it West Palm Beach, Florida?

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    Default West Palm Beach, Florida

    Yes, so sorry. West Palm Beach, Florida to Phoenix. Thanks so much

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    Well, MS Streets & Trips says to take the Florida Turnpike past Orlando until it meets with I-75; I-75 until it meets with I-10; I-10 the rest of the way to Phoenix. A distance of about 2300 miles. This is what you get choosing the "quickest route" feature.

    If you want the shortest route, start out the same way until you get to Mobile, AL. At Mobile, take 98 to Hattiesburg, MS; then 49 to Jackson, MS. Then take I-20 to just past Sweetwater, TX. Then go north on 84 to Post, TX. Then west on 380 to San Antonio, NM. Then a short job north on I-25 to Soccoro. Then west on 60 into Phoenix. You'll only save about 24 miles distance using this route; it totals 2276 miles.

    Of course, there are tons of other variations you could do depending on just what you want to see and do along the way. I hope this gives you a starting point. I suggest checking out maps and the resources on this website to get an idea of your personal list of must-sees and going from there. We can help you further with details. Remember, half the fun of a roadtrip is the planning! Enjoy.
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