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    Default Swede planning road trip in the US in Jan 06

    Hey, Im a 23 year old university student planning to take some time off next year. My plan is to rent a car and go around the US. Fly to NY and drive to Seattle and down the coast, somehow get across to Miami and drive up back to NY. ....or something like this :-). At least starting NY- Seattle.

    Any suggestions on how to and where to get the car? So far I'm planning to do this alone. Of course I'm interested in doing this as cheap as possible. I haven't really though abotu how long I will be gone. I can be gone till June or even July....

    Any tips?? You're more then welcome to email me at

    Thaks alot.

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    The best place to get advice is on the page for International Visitors on this site. What you want to do can be done and would make a great trip. When you get more specifics figured out, come back and let us help you plan a fantastic roadtrip for yourself. Best wishes!

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    Why starting with NY-Seattle? That will be a potentially difficult trip in the heart of winter and many things that you might want to see will be closed or under snow. If you have 6 months it would make much more sense to take the southern route in winter while it isn't horribly hot and humid down there then the northern route in spring/summer when it is more available.

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