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    Hi everyone!
    I and two other guys are planning a trip from New York down the east coast then over to the west coast and up to San Fran Cisco. It's very difficult to find the cheapest way with car. It's a one-way trip for about 90 days so a lot of money will fly away. What do you think it's best; to buy a car which cost 2800$-4300$, and a car for that price is it manageble to survive that road trip with it, or hire a car? We are three guys from Sweden; 25, 23 and 23 years old. Do you know any sites where you can find a company which want you to drive a car from example New York to LAX?

    Thanks very much

    This seems to be a great website by the way in every meaning!

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    This question comes up periodically here so a search of the forums will yield some answers for you. Cars in the price range your considering might be great and do the job for you. And they might fall apart 10 miles down the road. It's hard to say. If you're knowledgable about cars and know what you're looking at, you might find a great deal. But it might take you several days to find it cutting into your roadtrip time. Many older cars don't have tires safe enough to put lots of miles on so you would probably find you need to sink a few hundred bucks into new tires on that inexpensive car.

    Anyway, there's some good advice here. Poke around and see what you come up with. This page has some excellent tips for international travellers. I'm sure that some of your questions will be answered on some of the links from that page.

    I have no personal experience with this situation so I can't give you much more than this. I'm sure someone with more experience with this will respond too. But I'd still check out the links on that page. Valuable stuff there.

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