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    I will be traveling from San Francisco to Tampa in Mid January. This is my first transcon road trip. I'll be traveling with my pooch. I can spend up to 7-10 days on my travel.

    I've traveled the world haven't seen much of our wonderful country. (other than a handfull of major cities for business) My car is a newer 4WD toyota, so i'm not too limited on where I can go.

    Southern Route?

    Northern Route?

    Zig Zag Rout?

    Your thought and comments would be would be much appreciated.


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    There have been a lot of discussions about this. You might do a search through the forums to see what kind of suggestions and discussions have happened in the past. I'm not trying to be vague but it's impossible to just give you a route without knowing what you seek. The best route depends on YOU and what YOU want to see and do.

    I would suggest starting out by looking at a map of the US and highlighting (or putting stick pins in) the places you really want to see....your personal must-sees. Usually this will give you the best idea of what general route you would enjoy the most. After you've done this, you could come back here with specific questions to see if it's do-able in the time you have and if someone can suggest alternatives or additions to make your trip more enjoyable.

    Since you're going in mid-January, you need to remember that 4-wheel driive does nothing to help you on icey roads. It's a help in snow, yes. But not ice. Just something to keep in mind when you're planning your trip.

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