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    Default don't want to travel alone


    i would love to spend a few weeks driving around the US however do not want to travel alone, but none of my friends are free to come.

    any ideas about how i can find other people with similar problems?

    i'm a 28 year old girl from London.


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    I have no suggestions for finding traveling partners. I guess you could always sign up for a tour through a company like Grayline instead of doing an independent roadtrip if you really don't want to be alone.

    If you're afraid to go alone, don't be. There's many posts here about doing solo roadtrips (do a search with "solo" in it). Many of us do them without problems. Of course, if you're someone who simply doesn't care for being by yourself for long periods of time, this might not be for you. But please don't let fear stop you, if that's your issue.

    I hope you find a way to get here to experience "The Great American Roadtrip". I'm sure you'll have a blast!

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    If I were you, I'd think about doing a solo roadtrip, but make plans to stay at Hostels. Unfortuantly, Hostels aren't as popular in the US as they are in Europe so that will pretty much limit you to major cities, but they are very cheap for solo travelers and often give you a chance to socialize and meet other people who are in a similar position as you would be so it wouldn't feel quite so much like you're all alone.

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    Oliver Guest

    Default road trip

    Hi we saw your ad about traveling and we wanted to see if you would like to travel with us. I am a 22 year old american girl with my friend from Oliver from Slavakia, but he goes to school in london. Anyway, the plan is to leave from Boston on Sept 15th and go for about two weeks along the East Coast and make many stops along the way. Let me know if you'd be interested, please email me at


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    rafster Guest

    Default northwest from st. louis


    i'll be leaving from st. louis in a few weeks to spokane for an americorps job (starting november 1). i will take the scenic route and i'm planning it right now. let me know how this will work for you, at


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