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    Default Dallas - Route 66

    Help!! I want to get from Dallas to anywhere on Route 66 in shortest time with the nicest route!!

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    Default The Literally Correct Answer... two of your three requirements is to head north from Dallas to OKC on I-35 and pick up the parts of old US-66 just west of there. I don't know that that would satisfy your request for the 'nicest' route, but any other routing is going to seriously violate your desire for the 'shortest' route.

    You do realize that US-66 has been decomissioned and thus technically doesn't exist anymore, so what you'll have to settle for are segments of what used to be the Mother Road, but now more typically carry state highway numbers. The section just west of OKC, for example, is OK-66.

    Hope this helps. If there's something more specific about 66 that you're trying to capture, just speak up.


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    Here's a few web pages that should give you the information you need to start planning. There's lots of great books out there as well. I'm not an expert on Route 66 so I can't help you with specifics. I can only tell you that I-40 parallels old Route 66 fairly closely and, if you go into some of the town off of I-40 you can find bits and pieces of the original Route 66 to drive. These websites can give you specifics. Hope this helps a bit.

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    Here's a link to our own information section for old 66 -- you can find lots of valuable info there as well. Bob

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