Hi, in a week I will be heading west making stops in these destinations:

*Starting in CT
*Badlands (sleeping here)
*Mt. Rushmore (quick stop)
*Tetons (sleeping here, possibly backpacking)
*Yellowstone (driving through)
*Mt. Rainier (sleeping here)
*Olympics (sleeping here, possibly backpacking)
*Then north to Banff (sleeping here, possibly backpacking)
*Then blitzing home back to CT as fast as we can drive.

There will be two drivers and I was just curious how long people who have done more traveling then I think this trip would take. As far as the backpacking goes it all depends on how quickly we get from place to place but most likely we will only stop for multiple nights in one of those places. My boss is wondering how long I will be gone and help is greatly needed cause he needs to know soon.... Haha and I'm leaving in a week.

Thank you so much for any help