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    Default los angeles to new york in 4 days

    Hey all, new member here!

    I know this topic has been done over and over again but I've searched and found nothing in regards of taking the southerly route.

    A buddy and I want to start in LA and move through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, etc. all the way to New York.

    We are planning on getting to New York within 4 days. What is a good route to take that will pass us by things we must see? We are both first timers!

    Could yall recommend us a route to get back to LA as well within the same timeframe of 4 days? Thanks in advance!

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    Are you nuts? I understand that you can make it in 4 days, but see things?

    Not much, man, not much. You'll see everything from the car, if you're going for four days. Do you realize what kind of pace you have to have.

    Also, since you and your buddy would have to alternate driving responsibility in order to make it in four days(unless you plan on driving very tired and wreck-prone), someone would be sleeping some of the time and wouldn't get to see the things.

    Maybe take two weeks total. That's reasonable.

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    Now that I think about it, 4 days does sound a bit crazy. Well we have to get to NY by the 29th of this month for a convention. We were planning on leaving this Friday, so that gives us a full week. The reason we wanted to get there in 4 days was to party with some friends. But we can stretch it out to 5 or 6 I suppose. Does that sound reasonable?

    By 2 weeks total did you mean a round trip?

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    According to MS Streets & Trips, if you go via I-40, I-44, I-70, which takes you through Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Springfield, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, then through southern Pennsylvania to New York, is 2780 miles.

    This is roughly 48 hours for just the driving time...and that is if you don't get into any thick traffic or construction. This also does not include gas stops, stretch breaks, meal/bathroom stops, etc. Most experienced roadtrippers think that you should figure averaging about 53 mph to allow for times when you are forced to go slower, etc. Using this formula, your time is figured to be closer to 54 hours driving. Let's use 51 hours (in the middle).

    51 hours in 4 days is 12.75 hours/day.
    51 hours in 7 days is 7.29 hours/day.

    Either way, this will leave you very little time for sightseeing. Of course, you'll see a lot of very cool stuff from your moving car but you will have little time to stop and explore, nor will you have any time to veer off your main route to visit other things. Driving these types of hours/amount of miles in 7 days is an exciting speed run that will be tiring but also could be fun. Driving something like this in 4 days is just a juggernaut. Of course, if you share the driving and if the one resting can nap in the car, it will be a bit easier to do.

    And if you are going to stay south longer before veering up, your miles will be even greater and your driving hours longer.

  5. Default Fastest Route

    Judy's suggestion for route is the fastest one, and that may be the most important aspect for you for this trip. But what did you mean, "southern" route?

    To me, the southern route is I-10 (I guess since I live in Phoenix and therefore I-40 is north of me) -- San Diego - El Paso - Dallas - Nashville - Knoxville - Washington - Philadelphia - NY.

    This would take you a little longer, and it is warmer this time of year, but some of those Texas towns have their charms at night. You've heard those country songs, right?

    Anyway, if you're interested, I used search and plugged in "southern route I-10" and came up with dozens of old posts on that route. Check 'em out! Bob

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    Thanks for the help guys...

    Moderator Bob, by southern route, I meant the exact route you are talking about (San Diego - El Paso - Dallas - Nashville - Knoxville - Washington - Philadelphia - NY)

    How long do you think this would take if we just drove straight without any stops? How far do you think we can get in a day?

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    I plugged the "San Diego - El Paso - Dallas - Nashville - Knoxville - Washington - Philadelphia - NY" route into MS Streets & Trips and came up with 2919 miles for this trip. (I thought you were coming from LA?)

    Anyway, the program says this will take you 50 hours/25 minutes driving time only with NO stops, by their estimate. Using the average of 53mph rule, it would be about 55 hours. By the time you add in gas stops, rest breaks, meals, potty breaks, etc., the time will really add up.

    How far you can drive in a day is dependant upon so many factors that it's hard to say. On a few occasions, I've driven from 6am-Midnight with very few stops. But there was no way I could do this again the next day. It really zaps you. I really wouldn't recommend driving that long. I should note that I made numerous short sight-seeing stops throughout the day to stretch my legs, etc. but it was still quite tiring. But I was also the only driver so, if you're sharing driving duties, you could probably do multi-days of 10-12 hour days driving. But you will still get weary and sore.

    Anyway, it all depends on you and your co-drivers, your energy levels, how comfortable your car is for your back, how attentive you can stay to keep driving safely, etc. I can't answer that question for you.

  8. Default Long days

    I agree with Judy -- long days take their toll, even with multiple drivers because you don't really rest very well in a moving vehicle.

    I can drive 500-800 miles per day for a day or two, then I start to wear out. My 3rd and 4th days would be successively shorter, ending with the need for a couple of days of rest.

    For a speed run, my goal would be to set a schedule that's moderate, and stick to it. Eat and rest at regular preplanned intervals, as much as that is possible, and make sure to get a good night's sleep -- don't fall into the trap of cutting down to 4 or 6 hours of rest and then trying to drive again -- that's HOW to get worn out quickly -- and it can ruin your fun on a trip.

    With two drivers, you might try setting a 12 or 14 hour schedule, but when that time is up, stop so you're well-rested for the next day (even if you didn't get as far as you wanted the first day because of extra or longer stops). Just my opinion. Bob

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