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    Default Summer 2006 - CA to NY

    My friends and I are trying to plan a road trip from Southern California to New York, the main places that we want to stop are : Minnesota, Quebec Canada, Pennsylvania, and New York. We have no idea about transportation, but really wanted to drive. However, it is just going to be 5 teenage girls driving. We wanted to take a van, but we don't know what to do for insurance, and how to get a van. We were thinking of renting a car, but we aren't old enough and none of our parents want to take the chance of renting us a car, especially if someon e gets into an accident.

    We would like to see some roadside attractions, but nothing really scenic, and that costs too much money.

    We wanted this trip to be in June, July, or August, and last about 2 weeks. We also have no idea how much money to save up, our estimated price is $2,000 per person. That is for gas, hotel, food, and anything else. We were also thinking of flying to Minnesota and traveling through Ohio, to PA, and NY then Canada, but have no means of traveling and think that taking a bus or train is very sketchy.

    Any suggestions will help thanks!

  2. Default First things first.

    It's hard to take a road trip when you don't have a vehicle, eh? That's your first problem. Without that step in place, you can't really even estimate your costs -- so I'm not sure how you came up with that $2000 figure -- or is that what you'd LIKE to have it cost?

    The basics are you need to save your money and buy a reliable vehicle, either by financing one or by paying cash on the barrelhead. Have an experienced adult, hopefully your parent, help you to pick out an appropriate choice of vehicle for what you want to do; trying to do this without help is one quick way to make costly mistakes.

    Getting insurance is as simple as a few phone calls -- after you get your vehicle (or at least have picked out your choice) get quotes from different companies or agents. They'll ask a bunch of questions and get back to you with an estimate of what it will cost.

    If you are underage, your parents will have to sign off on ALL of this, so if you are getting resistance from them, it is time to start solving that problem now. Uncle Bob

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    Yep, I think the best option for you guys would be to buy yourselves a car or van. Even if you're able to rent a car, you would have to pay so many extras because of your age and the mileage that it would cost the price of an used vehicle anyway! Remember that you will be 5 girls in the same vehicle, so a Toyota Echo or an old Honda Civic is not enough to fit all of your stuff in the trunk. For a long trip like that you have to be comfortable or you'll be exhausted after only a few days. Do a check-up on the vehicle before you leave.

    Make sure your auto insurance covers travels to Canada. Get travel insurance too. A AAA membership (works in Canada too (CAA)) is a must for ordering travel info and for road assistance. If you are under 18 and want to cross the border, you better have a written authorization from your parents, just in case plus a passport and/or driver's licence and/or birth certificates for all of you. Remember, you cannot bring fruits, veggies or meat accross the border, they rarely bother with a few apples and carrots, but some custom agents, especially when you get back in the US can be really "by-the-book".

    I don't know where you plan to sleep but some motels may refuse to let you a room if you are underage. The age of majority in Quebec is 18, I know in the States it varies from place to place. Always have a charged cell phone with you and call your parents at least every two days to tell them where you're at. Give them an idea of your itinerary and show them how responsible and mature you are by doing a little planning. I know the whole idea of a "nowhere" road trip is fun, but you still have to do a minimum of planning. Oh, and before you go on with the planning of this trip, maybe it would be a great idea to go on shorter trips with your 4 girl friends to get an idea of how it'll look like in the long run.

    For places to see in NY, you can visit Niagara Falls(Canadian side has a better view), going north, you'll go through the Adirondacks Mountains, Lake George theme park, there's a nice bicycle path and swimming area near Plattsburgh at Pointe Au Roche State Park. You can go to that park for free, you just have to follow the direction to the interpretative center instead of turning right to the gate at the first intersection, you park your vehicle and you walk the bicycle path for about 1 mile.

    In Quebec, you have to go to Montreal. For great views, go to the Westmount Belvedere, Mt Royal or the tower of the Olympic Stadium. There'a a subway in Montreal so don't bother driving around. The cheapest place to stay is at the University of Montreal and at the Oratoire St-Joseph (~30-35$CAD). Visit Old Montreal and the latin Quarter. If you're into theme parks, go to La Ronde. There are a lot of festivals in the summer : Just for Laughs, Africa Nights, Jazz Fest, concerts and DJs (ex. : Bal en Blanc).

    Quebec City (2,5 h from Mtl) is also a must see, very pretty. Go to the Terrasse Dufferin, visit the Chateau Frontenac, the Petit Champlain Quarter. Eat a crepe at la Crêperie Bretonne on St-Jean St, eat poutines at any Ashton restaurant. Take the ferry to Lévis, there's a nice bike path there, walk on the side of the St. Lawrence in Cap Rouge, for cool jazz, go to the Clarendon. There is always something to see in Quebec during the summer on public places : dancers, acrobats, clowns, free concerts, etc. Have a pic-nic at the Plaines d'Abraham.

    Good Luck!


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