Hi there,

In september I start a masters degree at UBC in Vancouver. However, myself and 2 other friends would like to spend 3 weeks driving across america starting from New York and ending up somewhere on the west coast, possibly even vancouver itself. One of my friends is returning to the UK after the roadtrip but the other is staying with me in vancouver me.

As you need to book a return airline ticket to travel to the US (and I and one of my friends only require a one way ticket), our plan is to fly to toronto and get a bus to New York (a trip of 12 hours) where we will meet our third friend and embark on the road trip.

I'd like to know how much I can expect to pay to rent a car for 3 weeks and how easy it is to travel across the american-canadian border with brittish passports. I don't think I have time to travel to London to get a tourist visa ( we live in Scotland). Any help you can provise would be much appreciated. Thank you.