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    Default Southwestern lodging

    What lodging can you recommend in Bryce Canyon? Is Ruby's Inn a nice place to stay? What about in Page, Moab, Canyon de Chelly? Are there any particularly nice places to stay in these areas?

    Thanks for the help.


  2. Default Moab and Chinle

    Try the Kokopelli Lodge at Moab, and/or the Thunderbird Lodge at Chinle (for Canyon de Chelly). I don't have any experience with Ruby's -- but perhaps someone else will. Bob

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    Default tropica

    I stayed @ Bryce Valley Host Inn @ Tropica around 7 miles north of Bryce. Had a good experience. Ruby's Inn is closer, though.

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    I stayed at Ruby's last summer but can't give you advice on the rooms because I was camping. I can tell you that the campground bathrooms, pool, hot-tub, laundry, store, etc. were all in top-notch condition and very clean. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The campground sites, roads in the campground, and trails were very nice, clean and well-maintained. The hotel looked extremely nice from the outside and I would have to assume that it would be just as nice as the campground was.

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