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    I will be flying into dfw and driving back home to Minneapolis Minnesota tomorrow picking up a vehicle

    I know its 35 (w) north the whole way, I was curious to any neat stops on the way and how long non stop this should take me?


  2. Default Ete

    I would say this 985 mile trip will take you anywhere from 13.5 to about 18 hours, depending on how consistent a driver you are, how many rest stops you make and how strong your stamina is. The 13.5 time is driving alone -- your actual time will be closer to the upper limit than the lower one. I figure the drive would be about 16 hours on the road for me.

    The most interesting thing to me along this route would be the Santa Fe, California & Oregon Trail historic sites around Kansas City (Independence and Westport), and Harry Truman's home in Independence. Bob

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    Thanks for the info although I didn't get it til I got home.

    Left DFW area at 3pm Thursday afternoon.

    Did the drive in 14 hours only stopping for gas twice, stopped at a rest stop at 11pm to sleep one hour in the back seat, then one more rest stop a couple hours later due to tiredness but decided on sour skittles to keep me in the game.

    Hit several spots in tx, ok, ks, mo (river bridge closed) and iowa that were down to one lane which caused for a little extra time.

    All in it was okay, not much for scenery like when I did the l.a. to minneapolis in feb but hey it completed my journey through every state (driving) now!

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