Hello everyone,

I'm trying to iron out the details for a trip at the tail end of August, with point A being Chicago, point B being Toronto and back again. I have 9 or 10 days and would like to camp for most of it (barring, of course, two or three days in Toronto).
So far, I'm thinking of a quick drive north through WI, straight to the shores of Lake Superior, across the U.P. to Sault Ste Marie, down through Ontario to Toronto and either ending by dropping down to Buffalo and taking the interstates back to Chicago or going through Detroit and taking the interstates back to Chicago. This all looks fine and dandy on the map, but I haven't been to Lake Superior, the U.P., Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Buffalo OR Detroit. As such, I'm looking for opinions on good routes, places to stop or avoid, nice camping spots, or any other recommendations.

Thanks much,