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    Any Canadian birdwatchers out there?
    My daughter LOVES birds, so I was wondering the best places to see
    them in Ontario around the Toronto/Ottawa/Montreal/Lake Ontario
    regions. We're going there in a few weeks (end of July).


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    Just look in any tree! I'M JOKING!

    Wish I could help, but I don't know that area-
    Perhaps someone else will have some better suggestions?


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    I'm not much into birds but I know Ingleside in Ontario is a very good place for watching birds (about 15-30 minutes west of Cornwall). They also have a nice campground there on the side of the St. Lawrence. I guess the 1 000 islands region must also be good for birdwatching. Also, I know the area between Gatineau and Montebello in Quebec (on SR138) is known for having lots of migrating birds (along the Ottawa river). This area is about ½-1 hour NW of Montreal. There is also a very secluded and "secret" place in St. Armand Quebec (1h east of Montreal), but I think it is on private land. A friend of mine is an ornithologist, I'll ask him for suggestions and get back to you on this one.


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