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    FatherRob Guest

    Default Anderson, IN to Cocoa Beach, FL

    Hi everyone! I am a new member here, and am going to be hitting the road this coming weekend on a trip to the beach.

    Being a Space Nut and having spent several years in Florida as a child, I have an attachment to Florida, and am parting from my normal routine... I found a Motel 6 in Cocoa Beach, FL on the beach for about 60 a night, and will be staying there for three nights. (Sun-Tue). M-T will be spent on the beach, W at Cape Kennedy, and then driving home from there.

    I am currently trying to plan maximum gas-efficeincy on the trip, and have just bought a new car (2001 Honda Civic). I had to take a business trip this weekend to Central Tennessee, and averaged almost 40 MPG when travelling 65-70 MPH on the Interstate.

    I traditionally have travelled i-74 to i-75 to get to Florida, but two alternative routes are 65 South to 24 at Nashville to 75 at Chattanooga to 10 to 95, or taking 75 to Knoxville, picking up 40 and driving through the carolinas, then jumping over on 20 to 95.

    I am also considering sleeping in the car instead of getting rooms on the way down and back.

    Any thoughts, hints, route advice?


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    Default Soggy?

    Quote Originally Posted by FatherRob
    and am going to be hitting the road this coming weekend on a trip to the beach.
    Welcome to the Forum. The effects of Dennis will probably still be hanging about until the end of the week in your travel corridors, so I am not sure we can give you the "normal" advice about routes until we see what happens in Tennessee this week.

    More info later.


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    FatherRob Guest


    Thanks for the welcome!

    I am tending to thing heading towards the Carolinas is the better idea... but you are right... will be my best friend this week. Sadly, Tropical Depression 5 is already Churning in the Atlantic. Here's hoping it will stay out there.


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    FatherRob Guest


    Well, unsure weather remains... TD5 is now TS Emily (could be Hurricane in a few days)... but I hesitate to cancel anything until I am sure that I'd be wasting my time going to FL.

    Follow-on question... any suggested places to go if my grand Florida adventure goes bust?


  5. Default Alternative

    Sure -- from Indiana, I'd go up and make a loop around Lake Superior! Or with two days travel time each way you could get to the Rockies in Colorado -- spend two or three days seeing Rocky Mountain National Park! Bob

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    FatherRob Guest

    Default Yay!

    Well, the shuttle got delayed until next week... and the Tropical Storm is moving south... FLORIDA HERE I COME!

    Okay, all that being said, I am looking for routing suggestions, but I am tending towards:

    I-74 south to Cincinatti
    I-75 south to Knoxville
    I-40 east to Asheville
    I-26 south to I-95
    I-95 south to Cocoa Beach

    I am open to suggestions for overnight stops and the like. My hotel reservation is Sunday night to Wednesday morning, though I may take out an extra night.


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    Default Yay, indeed!

    I really hope you get to see the launch. I've been to the Cape three times to see shuttle launches. On the first trip, I took my brothers and nephews and the launch was delayed by weather. Nevertheless, a great road trip was had by all. On the second trip, I took my sisters and nieces. They lit the main engines and then shut down 1.5 sec before igniting the solid fuel rockets (the point of no return) due to a sensor glitch. We all went to Universal Studios. On the third trip I went alone and finally saw the thing lift off. It launched just before dawn, lit up the sky, shook the earth, and then about 10 seconds later burst above the earth's shadow into brilliant sunlight, a spectacle not to be forgotten. Hope for the best, but reallistically expect not to see a launch - they're really going to be careful this time.

    Let me also suggest an alternative route for either the trip down or the return. From Indiana take I-65 south to Nashville, then I-24 to Chattanooga, picking up I-75 to the Florida Tpk and Bee Line Expressway. This routing gives you the opportunity to see a number of things along the way such as Mammoth Cave in KY, Nashville, Chickamauga NMP just south of Chattanooga, and any of the theme parks in Orlando. Remember the joy is in the journey, not necessarily in the destination. Nemo dat quod non habet.


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    FatherRob Guest



    Thanks for the message! A priest I know who lives in South Carolina called and offered to let me stay at his house on my way down. As a result, I am now locked into my earlier posted route.

    I am used to driving down I-75 and I-65, and I have taken the BeeLine before (I usually run to the Gulf Coast, I lived in St. Pete when I was a kid and usually go to the gulf beaches)... I run the 65 route whenever I go to minister to a convent we have in Tennessee, and I take 75 to visit friends in Knoxville. I have never been south on 26 out of Asheville, and have thought about it before, and as it is a new road/new experience, that has me psyched. I love road trips, but I also love beaches, and my desire for a beach and to see the Shuttle is triumphing over my love of being on the road. At least for this trip. ;)

    Sadly... one new complication has arisen... I care for my 82 year old grandmother in my home, and today I found out that she had a spot on her lung. She just had breast cancer surgery, and began radiation earlier this week, and now they have found this. She suddenly started hacking away last night, and I took her to the doc today. They are doing a full-blown diagnostic/imaging session tomorrow, and I'll know more after that. If it is lung cancer, she has made it clear that she won't be taking treatment, and so I'll either be taking my last vacation for some time, or won't be taking one at all (depending on the progress of the cancer... if it is cancer).

    Those of you who may be so inclined, please offer a prayer for her... her name is Theresa.


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    Sending my prayers and good thoughts to your mother and to you as well. Your a wonderful son to be caring for her this way. I hope you are able to get away for a short break so you will be refreshed for whatever happens next with your dear mother. Hugs!

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    FatherRob Guest


    Hi everyone! I am in Cocoa Beach now... had a wonderful ride down on the new route... and am glad to be here safely. Getting ready for bed before an early morning trek to the beach.


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