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    Default Southern CT to Phillie PA-leaving 7/09

    Hi all,
    I'm heading down to Pa tomorrow just outside of Phillie and all web sites for directions take me basically down I-95. Does anyone know of a site that gives more scenic directions? I know there are some beautiful roads along the way and would like to take advantage of it.

  2. Default Having your way with the software.

    I don't know of any programs that allow you to select a "scenic" route, but if you KNOW the route you want to take, you can usually force it to route that direction by adding enough waypoints on the desired route that it cries "Uncle!" follows that route. Sometimes it takes a few, and especially in a target-rich environment like New York City it can be difficult (too many roads to choose from).

    Another possibility is with a program like MS Streets and Trips, you can set your options to not use interste highways or controlled access roads (or toll roads either, for that matter). Combined with the judicious choice of a few waypoints, you can get it to take you where you want it to go. Bob

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