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    Serina718 Guest

    Default NY to AZ!

    I've never done this before, but I am very excited and want to be prepared. I'm leaving NY in late August and don't know how to start preparing. Anyone have any advice on what kind of questions I should be asking myself, etc.? I plan on going through the south. My main concern is finding out how to get there without takign too much time (7/8 days) and still being able to see lots of cool places. Anyone know the best route? Any help is appreciated.

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    Serina, Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    The best route is the one you WANT to take! :) (But if you want us to suggest one, we can.)

    Start by getting yourself an atlas , and take a look at the overall United States map in it. Decide what general direction you want to take, and what states the route passes through. There will be mileages noted between major cities on the maps -- figure 400 miles a day for easy days. With the number of days you have, you won't have any trouble getting there.

    You could also use a software program like MS Streets and Trips, but for a first timer, it might be easier to use a paper map to start with.

    Look for attractions near the route you choose -- you can pick out state parks, national parks, museums, monuments, etc -- there will be lots of things shown on the maps to choose from. Also, use the internet to search -- you can find almost anything on the internet. Check out the individual states tourism sites for ideas, and...

    also search HERE on RTA. There is information accumulated over many years from thousands of travelers all right here for you.

    Think about how you will eat, what kind of lodging, your gas mileage to figure your budget for that, etc. And come right back and ask any questions that pop into your mind. There are dozens of folks here that want to help! Bob
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    Serina718 Guest

    Default re: NY to AZ

    So we've tentatively decided to hit Charleston, WV, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Austin,TX, Carlsbad, NM and end our final destination in Tucson. Given those cities and your experiences, have any suggestions about places to visit. thanks for your advice thus far. It has been so helpful!

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    I don't know where in NY you're starting from, but here are some possible things to see along the way.

    Gettysburg Battlefield Military Park (PA)
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park (TN)
    Little White House St Historic Site (Warm Spgs, GA)
    Callaway Gardens (Near La Grange, GA)
    Tuskegee Inst. National Hist. Site (AL)
    Moundville Archaeological Park (Tuscaloosa, AL)
    Antebellum Homes (LA)
    Go to a Cajun Dance (LA)
    Johnson Space Center (Houston)
    Go to the beach on South Padre Island (TX)
    Schlitterbahn Water Park (New Braunfels, TX, also S. Padre Isl.)
    Ann Straddling Museum of the Horse (Ruidoso, NM)
    White Sands Natl Monument (NM)

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