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    Default Cleveland to Nor Cal

    I wasn't sure where to post this so if it needs to be moved I'll understand.

    I will be doing this trip/move in Aug. I went to AAA and got the trip tiks and all that.
    It looks like it is 80 all the way out. I need to go back to AAA and have them update a few things. But in the meantime.....

    My questions here are: Has anyone does this trip and how long did it take you? I don't have a time constraint except the rental truck is for 7 days.

    My other concern is please give me some advice on driving a 15ft box rental truck! I think this is my biggest fear at this point. Because I've never driven a box truck before. Is it that big of a deal or no? I have driven an F-250 with no problem. I'm a little apprehensive of the whole truck thing with no rear view mirror... so if anyone can give me a few encouraging words I'll feel better. :)


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    Trying to think back to when I was learning to drive trucks (a long time ago), I can't remember any major difficulties in adapting to side view mirrors. It's just something you get used to. Just remember that trucks have some MAJOR blind spots -- don't change lanes unless you know for SURE no one is hiding beside your truck.

    Try to plan your excursions into parking lots and fuel stations so that you don't have to back up much, if at all. If you DO, then put someone behind the truck to help guide you -- and talk some about what his/her hand signals MEAN -- such as "c'mon back," stop, etc. Odds are, if you have any mishaps, it's most likely going to be a backing incident.

    Going down the road, drive slower than you normally would. These vehicles have a higher center of gravity than you're used to and can tip if you get crazy with the centrifugal forces. Pay attention to the signs directed at trucks -- they ARE for you. Always stay ahead of the truck mentally -- slow down for things sooner, take it easy on curves (especially those marked with a reduced speed limit), etc. Don't expect the brakes to work as quickly as they would on a sports car.

    Also pay attention to clearance signs -- you won't have any trouble on main highways, but there are low old RR overpasses in small midwestern towns. Mostly though, this is a worry for folks trying to drive into parking garages and through drive thru's at fast food places. Know what your clearance height is -- memorize it -- and watch the signs! There was this one time in Rapid City...

    After all of that, relax a little and have fun. These trucks are typically very easy to drive and this will be an adventure! And a fifteen footer is really not very big -- it's just a baby truck! :)

    What's your destination? San Francisco? If so, you can do this trip in about 4 days, plus a couple of hours. It's about 35 to 39 hours of driving time, depending on your speed.


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    Default A good post with tips for a rental truck

    Quote Originally Posted by SoloSister
    My other concern is please give me some advice on driving a 15ft box rental truck!
    Bob's tips are on-point. Rental trucks are frequent topic of discussion here. If you read all of the posts on this thread , you will get all sorts of additional advice. [When you first start reading it, it won't seem like a rental truck query -- but keep going...]


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    Thanks for the advice! :)

    I'll check out that link too....


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    Hi again....I thought I would kick this to the top...I will be making this trip one week from today...I have a few more I said before I will be taking 80 all the way question is are there any sections I should be aware of ie., speed limit change? And do I need to stop at the truck weigh stops...sorry, if that's called something else???

    Also a question about moving items...I was told not to move my lawn mower or motorcycle in an enclosed box truck...and then others are saying I can do it as long as the gas is drained...
    I do not want to haul a trailer behind the box truck leaving those items unprotected for someone to steal and or damage to the bike...

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  6. Default Weigh stations

    The entry points and weight stations are usually for commercial vehicles only -- a personally-driven rental truck doesn't fall into that category so I doubt you'll need to stop at any of them -- just watch the signs and they'll usually state what vehicles need to stop, but I can't think of any states that are exceptions to this off the top of my head.

    Interstate speed limits tend to increase as you move westaward -- 60 or 65 in the eastern states, 75 toward the west.

    The best place to get the answer on the mower and scoot is the truck rental company -- they'll each have their own policies as well as the straight information on any laws in this regard. Bob

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