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    Default Denver Colorado to Louisville, Kentucky.

    Has anyone made the trip from Denver to Louisville before, or similar? I plan on doing this in (hopefully) one day, two tops. I'll be moving, so my 94 mustang will be packed with stuff as well as two cats (in Kennels, hopefully..)

    So has anyone made that drive, and has anyone traveled with cats before? Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. Default Cats and I-70

    Run a search on cat or cats on the forum and you'll find dozens of posts. Gen (a regular road tripper and contributor to this forum) travels with Victor the Road Cat quite often. You'll find lots of information about this.

    Denver to Louisville is a bit much for one day, but you can do it in an easy 2 days, or one very long day and a half day -- I-70 and I-64 are the two routes to take for speed -- a fact which I assume is already obvious to you if you've looked at a map. It's about 16 driving hours including a short break every two hours. One long day and a half day puts you at about St Louis for your overnight. For two easy days, make your overnight just short of Kansas City -- maybe in Lawrence.

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