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    I'm from England and i'm planning a road trip from Florida to california and back again. This will hopfully take place next year in May/June i've allowed 4 weeks for the journey. Need quite a few tips really such as:

    Where is the best place to hire a motorbike for this kind of journey (in florida)

    What are the best scenic routes to take (i love good scenery)

    what are the best places to visit on the way there and back?

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    Not sure what the best place to rent a motorcycle would be, but if you do a Google search with "motorcycle rental Florida" you'll come up with a couple of possibilities at least.

    Check out this thread here on the RTA forum for ideas of things to see enroute.

    Any of the transcontinental routes across the USA are "scenic." The one most convenient to your course is I-10, and the suggestions mentioned in the thread above generally follow that route. Bob

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