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    Default Charlotte(NC) to Bryan (TX)

    Me and my girlfriend are relocating to Bryan TX in last week of july ,we are currently put up in Charlotte. We will be making this journey in our Saturn SC2. Never before have we made such a long trip and both of us are not comfortable doing night driving esp on highways. The total distance is around 1100 miles and we have around 4 large suitcases and 5 travelling bags

    Taking all this into consideration can you please give us some inputs on how to go about planning the trip. Is it advisible to take 2 night halts and cover a distance of around 400 miles each day or can we manage the trip with a single night halt? What would be the ideal places to halt for 1 stop and 2 stop trips?

    All we need is to make a safe trip...we dont care much for any sightseeing that can be clubed together with the night halts but if there's any exceptional tourist spot enroute then please let us know...

    hoping for a prompt response...

  2. Default 2 nights

    Given you are unsure about roadtripping - I'd make it with two stops and 400 miles per day -- that's a much easier schedule and you will definitely enjoy yourselves more. This gives you time to make a leisurely lunch stop each day as well as stop in daylight to find your night's lodging. Birmingham and Shreveport fall in just about the perfect places to evenly split your trip, and you should easily find lodging in those cities. Once you get into Texas, SR43, US79, SR79 (its continuation) and I-45 combine to make about the fastest route down to the Bryan area (leaving I-45 on US190 for the last few miles into Bryan).

    I'm not local to the area, so I don't know specifically of any attractions along the way -- but if I were making the trip, I'd simply keep an eye out for things along the way and stop if something looked interesting. Bob

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