Hmmm...roadkill. I remember the first time I hit something when driving. I believe it was an opossum at 2am near the Quabbin Reservoir. Usually it's squirrel (they're gray around here) or chipmunk. We had a close call with a moose when coming back from the hospital a few weeks back; it seems like I'm hearing more reports of this in the area lately. Probably from all the construction being built. Anyway, this (female) moose was ghostly on the unlit road back home.

There's nothing like already being queasy and then seeing a moose in the dark, like an apparition. It still makes me shiver.

I'm trying to figure what parameters to put in, and I can always think of something more. Generally in my journals, I track:
up-front costs
...and I'm sure there are things I've forgotten!

The idea came to me when I was trying to compile information from my journals, usually written on a PDA.