Well, adventurous travels and Arizona Commuters... good news. Even with the great work that REACT does (primarily in the East Valley), I have set up a monitoring station out of my apartment in East Phoenix. I get very limited distance... mainly because of the small antenna I am forced to use until I can order a nice indoor base-station antenna.

I do get about 2-5 miles L.O.S. (Line of Sight) reception off of my 2 foot antenna... so If you happen to break down on the Loop 202 near the Tovrea Castle or on the Hohokam Expressway (or anywhere else in the area between Arcadia and Tovrea Castle/Papago Park), I am usually listening in... evenings after 7 PM and all weekend. Just incase.

Although I am set up... I found out last weekend that very few people are monitoring channel 9 in this area, when I called for assistance after my car began to overheat and I had realized I forgot my cell phone. (I spoke to the president of Supersition REACT... he was very dissapointed that I was unable to get anyone on the radio... because the only person in the area was at work).

Anyway, just thought I'd share this info with everyone just incase they need some help when traveling through my area. (I am also on GMRS Channel 22 stationary, and scanning all GMRS and FRS frequencies).
See y'all on the forum or the road!
-Brad M., WQCL394