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    Default Route from Florida to New York?

    Can anyone give me a website with a route that goes along the East Coast from Florida to New York? It has to go through New Jersey though (sorry!). Anywhere in New York is fine (make our own way to main city) and any main city in Florida is fine i.e. Tampa Bay or Orlando. It can be a main or senic route. Also could anyone give me any good attractions to visit along the way? Much thanks, Amy.

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    Default What fun would that be?

    Can anyone give me a website with a route
    Just about everone on this board has done such a route -- but I am afraid you will need to give us some more direction about things that interest you.

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    I agree with Mark. We don't have enough info to give you very good advice. Here's a rather generic idea from MS Streets & Trips based on starting in Orlando, FL, and going through New Jersey, to NYC.

    From either Tampa Bay or Orlando, take I-4 to I-95 North. Stay on I-95 North to around Newark, NJ. You will then go east on the Jersey Turnpike/I-78, through Jersey City, and then take the Holland Tunnel into NYC.

    Note: it appears that much of this is on toll roads.

    It's about 1080 miles from Orlando and 1190 miles from Tampa Bay.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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