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    Default Kansas City to Las Vegas

    My Fiance and I are going to las vegas to get married and will be driving from Kansas City. We are leaving July 1st and planning on getting into Las Vegas sometime July 6th. We are looking for a really cool route to take with some romantic stops in between. :)

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    UGAphin Guest


    Zion National Park.


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    Romantic stops aren't my "thing," but the best route is easily I-70 to I-15 in Utah. You might like to check out Georgetown, CO, or the hot springs at Glenwood Springs, CO. That's kind of romantic, I guess. Along the way, don't be afraid to get off the interstate and explore a little -- try having dinner at the Wild Rose in Estes Park. Also, a drive along the Million Dollar Highway (US550) from Ouray to Durango is beautiful -- then the Utah National Parks as UGAphin suggests -- not only Zion but all the others are magnificent as well. Bob

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    Default my experiences

    I just had a really good experience at Zion, and suggest everyone else do the same. That place absolutely blows my mind.

    That being said, if youre looking for a nice drive, I would suggest taking I-70 to 24 in utah, drive through capital reed NP, then take 12 through Boulder, past Escalante, through Bryce Canyon to 89, take 89 south to 9, and take 9 west to Zion. The pass through Zion will lead you to I-15. This is a drive that I am dying to make. It will take about 1.3 hours longer, but would be well worth it. Total driving time should be about 5.3 hours as opposed to about 4.

    Thats my advice. Just stop when you see something romantic. There should be plenty of romantic stuff. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket.

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