Dear Forum,
About a week ago, some buddies of mine were talking, and we decided to take a roadtrip. At first, we wanted to go see a favorite band in Pittsburg. That isn't going to work. Then we wanted to buy some plane tickets and go to the bahamas. That isn't going to work either. Then, we thought long and hard and I said "lets go to the desert". So, we decided we wanted to take a road trip on I-10. We wanted to go all the way to El Paso and then over in to Mexico. We also thought that if we get tired of desert before we get to El Paso, we would just turn south and go to Mexico. That is kind of the plan so so far. We'll each have about $600 to $700 to spend, and we wanted to take about 7 or 8 days for this trip (maybe a day or two longer) Now consider this forum, this is going to be a trip of four strapping young chaps in the age group of very early twenties. We can find fun and humor in the stupidest things. We love the outdoors and we love adventure. We're in to cheap hotels and big steaks! Does anyone know some cool stuff to do or see while on this route? Does anyone have any safety precautions when it comes to somthing like camping in the desert? We're just of bunch of gringos that don't know much. Luckily, we do have an Eagle Scout who can speak fluent spanish. That's a plus I'm sure. We need all the help we can get. Please help! Sincerely,
Fellow roadtrip enthusiest (however you spell it, as you may have noticed, I am not the greatest speler)