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    Default Any ideas welcome!- Roadtrip from las Vegas.

    Hey! My friend and I fancied an adventure this summer and have booked return flights to Las Vegas leaving the last week of July. We would be really grateful for your ideas about how we could fill 19 days of road tripping. We have discussed driving to Los Angeles or San Francisco (or both!), and although the heat would be absolutely no problem for us, we are wary of scheduling an unrealistic route where we would be under pressure to drive long distances everyday of our trip. We aim to find a balance between seeing as much as possible and having some time to chill out and take in our surroundings! Just one more thing, although we may be city girls at heart, we've never been averse to camping and we love the great outdoors.

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    Default Routes

    Jen and Debs,

    There are a variety of routes shown on this page which should give you some idea of what you can do in the time you have.


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