This will be my first road trip and I need a little help (ok, perhaps a lot of help) planning it...

I will be flying to Los Angeles in mid-June for 10 days and want to see as much of the west coast as possible. I know that my time-scale is fairly limited so I am not looking for an in-depth exploration of any one place. Instead I'd like to spend one or two days at various different places just to get an idea of whats available so that I can come later for more exploration ;-)

Here is what I am thinking... I want to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and then on to Grand Canyon National Park. From there I'd like to go to the Rocky Mountains National Park and then back to Los Angeles. I'd like suggestions of what to cover in between, scenic routes that I could take and good places to camp... (I'd prefer to camp rather than stay at a hotel...) Hope I am not asking for too much :-)

Also I'd welcome people's opinions on whether the above is doable in 10 days or am I being over ambitious? Anything I should be aware of?

Thanks for any help... It will be greatly appreciated (In return perhaps I can help with your computer-related questions..)