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    Default Must See in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennesse

    Any help on must see places in these three states? Please HELP!!

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    Default nice area

    Definitely drive some scenic byways rather than Interstates. Such as the Red River Gorge Scenic Byway, & part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can look up scenic routes on Look up national parks & historic sites on

    Mammoth Cave National Park - Kentucky
    Churchill Downs (you can take a guided tour)
    Kentucky Horse Park

    Abraham Lincoln Birthplace NHS - Kentucky

    Cumberland Gap NHP - Tennessee
    Great Smokey Mountains NP

    Memphis & Nashville for country music lovers

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    Default West Virginia stop

    Check out Babcock State Park in West Virginia.

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    I have more "must see" places in WVa if you're still looking for help with it. I definitely recommend taking US Route 60 from Charleston to... whereever you want to stop. Definitely to US 19 near Fayetteville, maybe all the way to White Sulpher Springs. Along the way, you'll be able to stop at the "Mystery Hole" - a traditional American tourist trap if ever there was one - Kanawha Falls, Virginia's Chapel, the Glen Ferris Inn, one-of-many (rapidly disappearing) all night diners, Hawk's Nest State Park (great views of the New River Gorge from the overlook), the New River Bridge (come back for Bridge Day in October and you can watch people parachute off the bridge). If you're so inclined, you can arrange for some great white water rafting on the Gauley or the New River (or a peaceful float trip on the upper New River, if that's more your speed). Near the bridge, take the winding road to the bottom of the gorge to see how people had to cross the gorge in the old days.

    Again, if so inclined, you can follow the train tracks (watch out for trains!) probably less than a half-mile upriver to see an old coal mining community now-ghost town completely overgrown. There are loads of ghost towns in the gorge, which used to be heavily mined, and plenty of almost ghost-towns, like Thurmond, another potential stop. Babcock (mentioned above) is also off Route 60, between Fayetteville and White Sulpher Springs.

    Unfortunately, you can't walk around the grounds of the Greenbriar unless you are a) a hotel guest; or b) have meal reservations, (or maybe c) golf reservations? no clue...) but the town itself is cute - and you can double back to Lewisburg a few miles down I-64, which is also a great small town - although popular in the summer and on holiday weekends, and sometimes full of traffic!

    Depending on how much time you have/want to spend, I also recommend taking US 219 (I think) up through Greenbriar and Pocahontas counties, in the mountains. There are a few (minor) civil war battlefields along the way, there's a great, easy rails-to-trails biking/hiking trail along the Greenbriar River. The Monongahela National Forest ( covers a large portion of the eastern part of the state, including Cranberry Glades (four large mountain bogs - with an easy boardwalk through two of them that makes a great nature walk and Dolly Sods (

    There's also a great scenic highway maintained by the Nat'l Forest Service:

    I also recommend a visit to the town of Cass ( a state park and a restored turn-of-the-century logging town and logging railroad way out in the middle of nowhere (though close by if you're hitting the highland highway). On weekends and especially in the fall, the trains can fill up quickly.

    There are other WV must-sees: Harper's Ferry, the Blackwater Canyon, Canaan Valley, Blennerhasset Island. There's plenty to do, but the above is my usual touring loop for visiting friends. If you're in Charleston, you might try seeing if they will be recording an episode of Mountain Stage while you're in town. I also highly recommend Tudor's Biscuit World - a local fast food chain - for a cheap (though not healthy) breakfast or lunch. Mmmmm.

    Hope this helps!


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