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    Default Pennsylvania to Oklahoma

    Hi all!

    I've had a rough several months, and it's time to hit the road. Me, myself and I.

    I'm going to Tulsa, Oklahoma by way of Memphis. (BBQ!! I need BBQ!) Alas, since I'm a working stiff, this is only a ten day tour. I have friends in Tulsa and OKC, and will have accomodations and plenty of entertainment there. Money is kind of an issue, as always.

    If anyone has any suggestions besides the BIG ROADS, I'd be glad to hear them.

    Thank you

  2. Default River Road

    My first thought for a route would be the highways that shadow the Ohio River, and then perhaps a little bit of the Great River Road along the Mississippi.

    Are you interested in checking out some of the cowboy sites in NE Oklahoma -- Will Roger's birthplace, the Cowboy Museum, etc? Also, at Lawton and Fort Sill, if you get a chance, the great Apache leader Geronimo is buried and there is no doubt a museum there as well.

    I think Oklahoma may be one of the most under-appreciated states.

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    Default Arkansas

    If anyone has any suggestions besides the BIG ROADS, I'd be glad to hear them.
    Like Moderator Bob has suggested, Oklahoma is underappreciated, but my vote for the least appreciated state -- spend some time wandering around Arkansas. It is a flat out gorgeous state, lots of lakes, interesting cultural aspect, need I mention -- taking the treatment at Hot Springs NP -- may be just what the three of you need right now!
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    Those are both good ideas!

    I have a friend who does photography for here:
    And he's going to show me around Oklahoma City. springs......ooooohhhhhhhh

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