Hi there
I'm from the UK and planning a trip to the US next month which includes driving from Las Vegas, through Death Valley, to Yosemite, Monterrey and finishing up in San Fransisco.

Studying the route, the most straightforward way from Death Valley seemed to be heading up to the east side of Yosemite, crossing over Tioga Pass and into Yosemite.

We now think that the pass may not be open for our trip due to the snow still up there (we would be doing this part of the journey June 25) and think we might have to go via Bakersfield etc.

However, and this is my real question, if the pass is open, what is it like to drive? After much research, opinions seem to be conflicting. Some say it is no problem and fairly straightforward, others say it's terrifying!!

Driving from east to west, will we be hugging the edge of a sheer drop or hugging the side of a mountain?

Any replies are much appreciated - thanks.