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    Default San Antonio to San Fransisco

    I would like some advise on places that are a must to stop......Looking to be on the road from august 12th to august 23rd (only because of summer school, and the spring semester starting) that is the earliest I can leave....and latest i can return to san antonio

    places i must stop are el paso, and san diego to visit family.......denver would be nice to

    would definatley like to go to las vegas, grand canyon, san diego, l.a. looking for a fun time and some but not too many nature event, some amusement parks would be good, white water rafting would be great, skiing if possible which I doubt
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  2. Default One way or R/T?

    This is easier if a round trip (although you will be cramped for time) -- you could drive to San Diego via El Paso, then hit your amusement parks in the LA area. Use part of the coast highway to San Francisco, then back toward Zion National Park, Grand Canyon and then do some rafting around Moab, UT, Durango or Buena Vista, CO. Of these, I suspect Moab would be the most exciting. You could add Denver afterwards if you must.

    If it is one-way, then go to El Paso first, north to Moab for the whitewater, SW to Grand Canyon and then to Las Vegas via Zion. Then down I-15 to San Diego, north through LA to San Francisco.

    You'll have to figure mileages and needed driving time to see if you can even fit these things into your required number of days. Don't count on more than 52 mph (for planning purposes, for an overall average), and for a long driving day, about 400-500 miles. On days you stop for something, you may not get in too many miles at all, so cut your plans proportionately -- if you spend a half day rafting, figure on not making but about 250 miles that day (or less) for example. Happy planning!


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